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A few years ago, Cathy quit her corporation job as a professional at a few different fields in some international cities.  Life was ever rewarding, interesting and challenging, yet Cathy felt something was missing.  Some important parts that make her life fully fulfilled were not there.

It's not just material rewards, or fantastic trips to exotic places, or the prestige of being one of exclusive groups...  The missing piece was the joy when Cathy able to help people around by lending her hands, her experience, her expertise and her hard work directly to people she cared.  After searching the missing part, Cathy eventually landed on real estate.  As a full time licensed REALTOR® serving real estate sellers, buyers and investors every day, Cathy seized the opportunity to enjoy her passion of helping people she cares.

It's not surprising that Cathy receives comments and feedbacks from her clients quite often that she is, for somehow, a "different one”, yet Cathy knows and learns so much from a few best practitioners in real estate.  She’s confident that a professional trustworthy REALTOR® will help people in real estate market so much that no one should be worried, doubtful or stressed at any step of the process.

In the end, that’s all Cathy works so hard for, and that’s all motivate Cathy to try to be better and better everyday.  

Feel free to drop a call or email to have a chat with Cathy for any discussions.  It's not necessarily exclusive to real estate topic or issues.  Life is too short to not live in full.

Cathy Wu
Cathy Wu
#222, 4625 Varsity Dr NW Calgary AB T3A 0Z9
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